Professional Body Piercings By Phil Temer


Quotes I was so scared I almost turned back even when I walked in the door I paid first so I couldn't change my mind. I had walked out of Claire's the day before after they showed me their "tools." I read needle piercing was better and safer and Phils name kept popping up on the Internet. He was amazing, patient and sweet and gentle. Best experience ever, I even asked about a third lobe piercing when he was done ! Quotes
2nd lobe piercing

Quotes I've wanted a second ear piercing since retiring from the Army several years ago. I have walked out of countless piercing shops, both in NM and in the DC area, over the past 9 years, put off by carelessness, lack of expertise, and sanitation that I was not comfortable with. Then the folks at Sally Beauty recommended Phil. What a difference! Spotless shop, quality jewelry, tremendous expertise. Phil exercises extreme care in the right placement, and his sterilization/sanitation process is better than most medical offices. Excellent aftercare products and advice. Wonderful experience! I will bring my daughter back to Santa Fe (from DC!) when she's ready to pierce her ears so Phil can do it right. Quotes
Happy ex-soldier

Quotes PHIL ROCKS! I was nervous about getting my first piercing in a long time, but not only did he go about the entire process very professionally, he has done the best piercing job I've ever had. The process was very smooth and the aftermath has been smooth too. The shop itself is great and he has an awesome set of jewellery to choose from. Styles to suit anyone. I found my dream jewellery there so am beyond happy. Great vibes all round, would recommend to anyone and am stoked to be able to tell my great piercing story from Santa Fe when I get home! Thanks Phil you legend! Quotes
Olivia from Australia
Happy Customer

Quotes Phil Temer is very good at what he does. He makes anyone feel comfortable with the piercing process. He is very professional and makes getting a piercing not only fun but a great experience. I would recommend Phil to anyone thats looking at getting a piercing of any kind. Hes the best of the best! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I got my nostril pierced by Phil about two months ago, and I can honestly say that he did an amazing job. There was very little pain, and the lavender soap helped cleanse the piercing as well as help heal it! I will for sure be recommending Phil to everyone and I will be going back for all of my piercings when it comes to it. Thank you so much Phil!!! Quotes
Anna Isenberg
Very Happy Customer